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Georgetown, Ohio
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The Glass ReFactory...

is a division of Adams Brown Recycling and ABCAP, a 501(c)(3), and a non-profit agency. Located in Georgetown, Ohio, the Glass reFactory takes bottles that have come into the recycling facility and melts them down to make suncatchers.

How Suncatchers are made from bottles…
• Bottles are separated by color, then smashed into small pieces, called cullet.

• The cullet is loaded into a furnace that melts the glass at about 2100 degrees, which takes a couple of days.

• The glassmaker, using a stainless steel rod, gathers a blob of glass onto the end of the rod by twirling the rod in the molten glass.

• The rod and its blob of glass are removed from the furnace, where the hot glass is cut off the rod and then pressed with a design.

• The glowing hot suncatcher is placed into a special oven to cool slowly overnight in a controlled environment, which prevents the suncatcher from shattering due to uneven cooling.

Every glass piece in individually pressed, resulting in subtle variations that reflect the handmade nature of the art of glass making. We can also make a precise reproduction of your custom design, such as corporate and business logos, club and organization logos, and school logos. Please call or e-mail for more information.

The Glass ReFactory provides glass recycling in our community and serves as a model for other communities. Recycling is not complete until the materials we have saved and collected are made into new products and then purchased. This is the “cycle” in re-cycle, and is known as “closing the loop.”


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